War on Pornography

Parental Control Software - A Good Idea?
Parental Control Software Usage The proliferation of online pornographic images, violent games, drug and alcoholic material bombards your children everyday through pop-ups, emails, chats and instant messages To help curb the unwanted solicitation of objectionable material, parents are investing in parental control software for their home computers

Issues You Should Look At When Choosing Parental Controls
Is your kid protected from all Internet liabilities? As a parent we always like to ensure that our kids are safe online. Recently, the University of New Hampshire have done a research about Internet Exploitations on Children. It showed that 20% of children around the world have received internet sex solicitation while they are playing internet games or whenever going to chat rooms. Furthermore, about 25% of children ages five to ten are already exposed to photos and videos of people having sex while going to a website. Adding to the list is 5% of our kids getting threatened or bullied online. This is when Parental Control Software comes in helpful.

Some Great Features of Parental Control Software
Here in this article the main concentration is on some great helpful features of Parental control software or also called as parental internet monitoring software.

Monitor Activity on Your PC with Parental Control Software
Computers and the Internet can be very beneficial for children as a tool for learning and much more, but it is also important to remember that the online world is not without its dangers. Parental control software is essential in any family home where children have access to the Internet. To keep children safe when they are using the computer and Internet, parents need to have efficient monitoring in place at all times, in addition to the rules and restrictions afforded by parental control software. Time Sherriff is one such solution, and best of all, it is far more user-friendly than most other parental control software. Setting up the program and configuring it takes only a matter of minutes and parents can start using it right out of the ...

Internet Parental Control with WhiteNet Home Edition
Internet parental control is one of the most important things to have installed on a computer in the family home these days. The Internet has no shortage of inappropriate material that children should not be subjected to. However, the problem with many parental control solutions is that more and more children today are technically literate enough to find a way to circumvent these controls. By contrast, there are many families where children are more familiar with the usage of computers than their parents. Because of this, it might seem very complicated for parents to find a way to protect their children when they are surfing the Internet. Aside from looking over their shoulder at all times, the only other option is to install parental contr ...

Monitor Your Computer's Usage with Parental Control Software
With the many potential dangers out there on the Internet, it is more important than ever that children have proper monitoring and appropriate access restrictions. Parental control software allows parents to restrict access and monitor the way their children, or others, are using the computer. Time Sheriff is one such solution, allowing parents to have the parental controls that they need in place. Installing and configuring the software is also an easy process for any parent, regardless of their levels of computer knowledge and experience. The software is also practically impossible to circumvent, making it ideal even for parents with particularly computer-savvy youngsters.

What is Parental Control Software?
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